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  1. Excelsior Care Group — Top engineers, sales, quality assurance, and manufacturing experts find an outstanding next stop to a satisfying career at medical device company Sinclair. An innovator that keeps growing, this company provides the ideal launch pad for growth and fulfillment. Among its attributes is its on-site commercial infrastructure, where manufacturing, company-owned affiliates, and distributors in world markets intersect. The diverse professional opportunities make this company a forward-moving growth opportunity for anyone interested in advancing in a global industry. Sinclair has made a significant mark in the world’s aesthetics market and is now recognized as a provider of minimally invasive high-quality, longer-lasting, natural treatment. The international market values Sinclair employees who earn a reputation among the company’s premier markets in the United States, Europe, UAE, and Asia, as it expands to new ones.  
  2. Sinclair — Top engineers, sales, quality assurance, and manufacturing experts find an outstanding next stop to a satisfying career at medical device company Sinclair. An innovator that keeps growing, this company provides the ideal launch pad for growth and fulfillment. Among its attributes is its on-site commercial infrastructure, where manufacturing, company-owned affiliates, and distributors in world markets intersect. The diverse professional opportunities make this company a forward-moving growth opportunity for anyone interested in advancing in a global industry. Sinclair has made a significant mark in the world’s aesthetics market and is now recognized as a provider of minimally invasive high-quality, longer-lasting, natural treatment. The international market values Sinclair employees who earn a reputation among the company’s premier markets in the United States, Europe, UAE, and Asia, as it expands to new ones.  
  3. Garner Health Technologies — Employees have a premier view of watching Garner Health Technology impact the core of the healthcare industry. A primary goal of this company it enable patients to gain confidence in their healthcare. The experience is a winning experience for professionals at Garner. Garner Health Technology’s health technology startup can deliver high-octane yet budget-conscious healthcare to patients. A two-fold vision includes a benefits program that employs a novel way of using data science and incentive accounts so employees can find the best doctors in their vicinity. A program called Garner DataPro with provider recommendations gives up-to-date information about provider performance along with current directory data. The company can do this by looking at the bulk of medical claims data in the United States, enabling it to provide objective information on patient outcomes on over 500 specialty-specific quality and efficiency measures. 
  4. International Seaways — Professionals get a career boost at International Seaways, Inc. whose board and office environments highlight a people-centered culture that drives the company. An esteemed company drives the operation of this leader among the world’s largest tanker companies. The company provides energy transportation services for crude oil and petroleum products. A cohesive crew of committed employees expands the idea that customer service and operational efficiency reign supreme at a valued company. International Seaways is a growing company that owns and operates a fleet of 84 vessels. A high standard at its helm is a shared attribute among those who work for International Seaways. That philosophy is to skillfully execute high customer service standards that carry over into the relationships between employees, and that of employees and managers. International Seaways services independent and state-owned oil companies, oil traders, refinery operators, and international government entities. The NY-based company is a leader in the utility industry.
  5. Basis Technologies — A dedicated cadre of professionals works seamlessly across all channels to develop software and services to adjunct the complex digital media arena at Basis Technology. The company is ever-evolving its innovative contributions to the industry keenly motivated to improve people’s lives. Formed after Y2K merely a year later as Centro, the industry leader brought a vision to simplify and automate digital media operations and increase profits for marketing companies. Now Basis is recognized for its A-plus media automation and platform. Software engineers onboarded at Basis share the ride with top professionals in the field. Their valued contributions align with the company’s goal to demonstrate expertise that will positively impact the planning, digital operations, reporting, and financial reconciliation across programmatic, publisher-direct, search, and Social. 
  6. Trail of Bits — Talent has a home at Trail of Bits run by a hard-working and respected CEO. The opportunities to dig into a remote-first culture that allows for key personnel in global locations to work as a team, as they say, is “asynchronous by design” according to the company blog. Engineer consultants interface seamlessly with one another within this framework and also in face-to-face experiences with one another. This is supported by the employer with a written agenda, meetings that are recorded, and notes taken and distributed to all attendees. Staff is expected to have a healthy work-life schedule which means no checking Slack on your time, and have programs to optimize remote work balance and efficiency in monetary stipend to set up a home office, and provide a personal learning and development budget, among ways to prioritize its importance. Additional ways members of the Trail of Bits team may express their results-driven capabilities is in having the liberty to set their schedules that are conducive to their individual production style rather than adhere to an established schedule.
  7. Sigma Computing — It is exciting to watch users of Sigma Computing software engage with the product to produce data on an epic scale. The staff of this company get to experience the end result of their innovative work. Customers express words like “delight” when asked about their Sigma experience.  An expert staff that embodies a core philosophy that the business will provide an outstanding solution to help customers make their own business run more smoothly gets to have a front seat at success. Staff has the opportunity to watch new users of a solid information-sharing platform engage instantly from dashboarding to uploading data sources to sharing their organization’s information company-wide with ease and little learning. The holistic experience of working for Sigma allows everyone on staff to learn, grow, seek new heights in opportunities, and become satisfied in their professional life. Users of Sigma’s innovative software allows them to connect to their cloud data warehouse swiftly, begin to analyze their data at once, and does not require any learning of using tools or how to write code. 
  8. Genesis10 — IT Staffing is at the heart of Genesis10. From Y2K to the birth of AI, Genesis10 has helped its clients solve tech challenges by providing the best talent for each and every project. Today, Genesis10 has grown beyond its technology roots to become a strategic staffing partner that is committed to helping clients and individual job seekers achieve their goals. The Genesis10 family of services includes: IT Staffing, Business & Operations Staffing, Talent Creation and Onshore IT Delivery Centers. Genesis10 moves seamlessly alongside its clients to provide talent in multiple modes: contract, contract-to-hire, permanent placement/direct hire and SOWs. The backbone of Genesis10 is its team of experience recruiters. With an average of 17+ years of experience, they have a pulse on the talent markets throughout New York City and beyond. Where some companies make promises, Genesis10 delivers by listening and tailoring an approach to talent that fits of the needs of their clients.
  9. The Pension Boards United Church of Christ — The Pension Boards United Church of Christ is a premier employer that values agility collaboration, compassion, consistency, and justice. Adaptability defines a stellar workforce able to make the easy transition for various circumstances within and outside the organization to support PBUCC’s priorities throughout. Transparency and accountability are prized attributes among the professional team that shares the desire to engender one another’s trust towards the same goal, which is to be productive and efficient. Key to a conscientious staff is the expectation that each member embodies compassion so they can understand events and situations from the other person’s perspective to maximize efficiency and minimize distress. The mutual desire to help colleagues alleviate any spiritual, emotional, physical, and financial distress is among the many desirable traits that make working at PBUCC optimally fulfilling. A valuable career move into the employ of PBUCC is not only satisfying on both a professional and personal level, but the benefits for active and retired UCC clergy and lay employees and their eligible dependents, providing the highest standards of service, access, and options, according to the PBUCC website.
  10. Universal Processing — Since 2003, Universal Processing set out to shore up the payment processing requirements of its business partners with stellar quality service and expertise. The company is guided by principles to create traditions that embolden relationships among staff and business partners. There are community outreach examples like sourcing safety masks for healthcare workers in the pandemic, and within house reach of company-wide events to promote team bonding. These experiences among staff evoke a high level of professional and personal pride most evident at conferences and shows that showcase Universal Processing payment solutions. Among examples is the 2024 Southeast Acquirers Association Trade Show in New Orleans.
  11. Naik Group — The Naik Group engineering, surveying, and construction management firm enjoys a premier standing in providing high-octane design and inspection strategies to an ever-changing marketplace. It demonstrates to clients a technically savvy sustainable service ability similar to a larger company but retains its niche status in being able to effortlessly retain personal relationships you’d find in boutique businesses. The winning combination makes Naik Group a company you can trust. It takes pride in having “accountability, innovation, expertise, responsiveness, and commitment” the company says on its website. City-wide it is recognized as a distinctive firm that attracts the industry’s top design and construction professionals. Clients range from state and federal transportation agencies and authorities to municipal and county public works departments and private industry and construction firms.
  12. SevenRooms — SevenRooms builds direct guest relationships for its hospitality industry operators. The company caters to independent restaurateurs and global hospitality groups to provide a global view of guests. The information allows them to tailor their specialty services to every customer. Professional staff in the company’s employ enjoy a meaningful collaboration with management that fuels a sense of working together. This cohesion among the people that drive the company and staff extends outward and is felt among hospitality business owners as a positive cultural perception of SevenRooms as an employer. This reputation is highly regarded in the labor industry space to provide an appeal to attract high-quality employees to this career-building company. A supportive employee culture offers a generous benefits package from paid time off for rest to monthly stipends for building an office, childcare, dining out, and vacation. 
  13. The Domain CompaniesThe Domain Companies is a nationwide real estate development and investment company. The company handles a diverse array of projects. These include affordable, and mixed-use multifamily developments, hospitality, restaurant, and coworking properties. Those at the helm consider success a byproduct of community focus, collective entrepreneurial spirit, and the unique skills and experience of those employed by the company. Team members stay abreast of the industry to achieve excellence and innovation in the company’s endeavors. Expert design and management personnel drive success. They are frontrunners to impact communities in a way that improves the lifestyles of people who live and work there. As an employer, the company outfits its staff with the tools needed to be successful and develop their skills and knowledge, enjoy ever-evolving challenges, and rewards for their contribution to successful outcomes.
  14. Marsh McLennan Agency — Marsh McLennan Agency (MMA) is a provider of business insurance, employee health and benefits, retirement, and private client insurance for companies and individuals. The company has over 10,000 “colleagues” at 180 offices in the United States and Canada. This expansive network of professionals enables MMA to carry out its purpose which is to deliver a personalized service as a local consultant can but with the global resources and expertise of a prized leader in the industry. The MMA employment experience immerses staff in a diverse network of people from many backgrounds and cultures. Comprehensive benefits and resources that support professional and personal development, along with opportunities to participate in projects and causes that give fulfillment outside of work are part of the work experience.
  15. Walker & Dunlop LLC — Oliver M. Walker and Laird Dunlop founded Walker & Dunlop in 1937 and became one of the first companies using FHA insurance to make single-family home loans. The company is a leading provider of commercial real estate finance. With deep industry knowledge from serving The company offers deep industry knowledge that has been developed over generations. It espouses the values of caring, collaborative, driven, insightful, and tenacious in proven ways. A company culture is one where employees are regarded like family, embraced for their differences, and made to feel welcome. Individuality is highly regarded at the company. The vibe is evident in professional experiences outside the company among clients, partners, and communities. Examples of fulfilling careers at Dunlop are vice president & associate general counsel, transaction manager, asset manager, modeling associate, and finance analyst.
  16. Runwise — Runwise is a dynamic New York City-based energy start-up that controls and runs heating systems in over 6,000 buildings throughout the Northeast. The company’s unique hardware and software services significantly reduce energy usage- substantially lowering costs and carbon output. According to company data, Runwise technology takes the equivalent of 35,000 cars worth of emissions off the road each year. The company’s ideals include “No job is too small,” “Sincerity builds trust,” “Setbacks fuel progress,” and “Efficiency is vital.” Employees of Runwise enjoy an easy application process, competitive pay and benefits, effortless time capture, on-time electronic payments, and access to records. Staff reports having “fun co-workers” and feel appreciated by management.
  17. The TemPositions Group of Companies — Whether you are in between jobs or seeking the flexibility of working long-term as a temporary employee TemPositions Group of Companies might have the perfect next role for you. Job title range from paraprofessional, to substitute teacher, customer service, and senior accountant. The agency provides a super flexible and diverse range of career opportunities. There are remote offerings and an array of interesting roles including strategic staff leadership positions that give all career stages a boost. The staffing agency strives to deliver remarkable service to its clients, according to the company’s website. Those working in education, healthcare, office, retail, and hospitality could find their next fulfilling career step At TemPositions.
  18. Liberty Home Guard — Liberty Home Guard is committed to the support of homeowners, home service professionals, and real estate agents and backed up by a collaborative workforce. The company emphasizes a positive company culture. Employees feel like comrades via outings, team-building events, and catered lunches. Birthdays and holidays are celebrated. Being in Liberty Home Guard’s employ means you will get frequent and clear communication among their team, partners, and customers. Leaders at the company want employees to have a positive and fulfilling professional experience by optimally supporting them and making them feel valued as talented colleagues and partners. Inclusion and solidarity are premier values espoused by Liberty Home Guard.
  19. Bozzuto — Bozzuto is a seasoned real estate company set apart because of its innovative developments, dedicated customer service, and top-rated workplace culture. An impressive industry leader, Bozzuto since 1988 has developed, acquired, and built more than 50,000 homes and apartments. Bozzuto currently manages 90,000 apartments and more than 3 million square feet of retail space across the U.S. and has 7 million square feet currently under construction. The company has garnered awards in homebuilding, multifamily development, construction, and management. Bozzuto for generations has been a family-operated business. It challenges itself to carry on a rich family culture that transcends to staff and the clients it serves.
  20. Aprio LLP — Aprio accounting firm caters to clients to find out what’s next for their business. The firm’s services include advisory, audit, tax, outsourcing, and private client services. Clients come from all industries including manufacturing and distribution, non-profit and education, professional services, real estate, construction, retail, franchise and hospitality, government contracting, and technology and blockchain. Opportunities abound for Aprio professionals that according to the company speak more than 60 languages and cater to clients in 50 states and over 50 countries. Headquartered in Atlanta, Aprio has 15 offices in the United States and one in the Philippines. 
  21. PERFICIENT — Digital consultancy firm Perficient has thousands of gifted strategists and technologists working for the company in the U.S., Latin America, India, and worldwide. Among efforts are enterprise mobile applications, creative services, marketing, digital strategy, Internet of Things, information technology, management consulting, custom development, and platform implementations. Perficient handles projects largely that involve business intelligence and portal collaboration. Perficient also has global capabilities. Valued attributes among professionals who work for Perficient are dedication, drive, and passion in all areas to advance business. Working for this company gives talent many ways to impact business leaders, from strategy and transformation, customer experience, digital marketing, innovation and product development, platforms and technology, data and intelligence, and optimized global delivery.
  22. Circle — Global fintech company Circle earns high marks as an international financial technology firm so it attracts a talented and diverse network of valued professionals. The company supports businesses to acquire cryptocurrency and public blockchains for payments and commerce worldwide. Circle is valued as a “pioneer” of the fastest growing fiat-currency-backed stablecoin, USD Coin. The company’s mission is to “make money move at internet speed via the “frictionless exchange of value.” Circle’s products include USDC, a stablecoin network that allows users to send money globally to anyone with an internet connection. Circle Mint provides direct access to USDC and EURC and Programmable Wallets. This allows users to embed Web3 wallets and blockchain transactions into their apps.
  23. RapidSOS — RapidSOS is an intelligent safety platform that securely links life-saving data from 540+ million connected devices and buildings directly to 911, RapidSOS Safety Agents, and field responders globally. Job opportunities abound for anyone interested in becoming part of a mission-oriented, ambitious, and inclusive workforce. RapidSOS as an employer is valued for its flexible company culture where team members can expect support to carry on their work as innovators, and collaborators, and make an impact. RapidSOS provides endless professional opportunities to serve the emergency industry.  An array of capabilities includes being able to link critical data directly to emergency services, integrate any device, app, or sensor through a scalable and simple API, securely transmit life-saving data – like the user, incident, and location – from your product to 911 when it’s needed most to enable a more effective response, so the right emergency services get to the right location for better outcomes.
  24. DraftKings — Fantasy sports and contest betting company DraftKings was started by friends and co-workers who became co-founders Jason Robins, Paul Liberman, and Matt Kalish in 2012. The company changed a seasonal fantasy experience into a daily opportunity and it thrives. DraftKings offers an immersive sports entertainment experience. DraftKings is the only vertically integrated pure-play sports betting and online gaming company based in the United States with a focus on the American sports fan. As an employer, the perks are many. DraftKings offers its team an inclusive and collaborative culture. Leaders value the notion that top ideas come from diverse perspectives, thoughts, and experiences. DraftKings staff has expressed being excited about working there. Benefits are ideal and there are opportunities to grow professionally. A perfect work-life culture is a valued ideal among employees of DraftKings.
  25. Desimone Consulting Engineering — Desimone Consulting Engineering founded in New York City in 1969 provides structural engineering, façade design consulting, integrated design and detailing, and construction consulting services across building types whose work is prominently showcased in renovations to hotels and theaters, and prestigious major New York City Landmarks among projects around the U.S. Working for Desimone is an opportunity to boost your career and thrive among talented, creative, uniquely-skilled employees, that like you are passionate about engineering. The dynamic employment culture encourages idea-sharing and collaborative problem-solving efficiently while working together with others. Your work life allows for a full berth of project experience from start to finish. New graduates when hired access wide exposure to experiences that have a fast-paced energy setting, but are nurturing, and allow for complete project involvement from the first day.

Compiled by Donna Christopher