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Eva Mendes talks Valentine's Day, hints at Ryan Gosling split rumors

Actress Eva Mendes says she'll spend Valentine's Day

Actress Eva Mendes says she'll spend Valentine's Day with pizza and "The Notebook." Photo Credit: Getty Images

Eva Mendes plans to chow down on pizza and watch a sappy Ryan Gosling movie this Valentine's Day -- but will she do so alone or with Gosling himself?

When answering a question about her Valentine's Day plans on yesterday's "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," the actress kinda sorta addressed recent rumors that she and beau Gosling have split.

"I'll probably just order deep-dish and watch 'The Notebook' or something," Mendes told host Ellen DeGeneres.

"The Notebook," by the way, is Gosling's 2004 romantic tearjerker co-starring his ex-girlfriend, Rachel McAdams.

"I'm not a big Valentine's Day person," Mendes, 39, also said.

Mendes also addressed another set of rumors: that she's pregnant, saying: "It's so ridiculous."

"Because it all started because I didn't want to go through the scanners at the airport. You know those X-ray scanners, which are really creepy," Mendes said. They basically see you naked, right? And not only that, but there's a radiation aspect to it, so I always opt out. I always ask for a personal pat- down."


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