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Kramer-esque fan breaks a piece of Seinfeld's apartment, because Kramer

Visitor to 'Seinfeld' apartment tries to act like Kramer, breaks door

A man tried to recreate Larry Kramer's famous style of entering Jerry Seinfeld's apartment at the fake 'Seinfeld' apartment now open in the Meatpacking Districts. Things didn't go so well. (YouTube / Tim McGeever)

This is why 90s sitcom fans can't have nice things.

Seinfeld's re-created apartment, which opened to the public on Wednesday, June 24, has already been mangled by a fan imitating Kramer's iconic entrance.

A clip posted to Youtube shows a man shooting through the door, Cosmo-style, and pulling off a large part of the threshold.

Tim McGeever, who shared the video and apparently stars in the Seinfeld-worth clip wrote, "I came, I saw, I broke (by accident!). You might say I took my Kramer impression one step too far at Hulu's #seinfeldapartment...within hours of opening. Enjoy my spin-crash humiliation!"

While the set was only created to last for a few days, we'd hope Jerry's door could withstand some erratic fan entrances, as encouraged by Hulu's eager fan photo team.

Fans are just waiting for a Newman to really destroy the whole thing now. Newman.


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