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Hillary Clinton joins Instagram, 'grams pantsuits for America

Red, white or blue pantsuit? There are so

Red, white or blue pantsuit? There are so many options! Photo Credit: INSTAGRAM/HillaryClinton

Get ready for more Clinton selfies!

Hillary Clinton has joined Instagram.

As it says in her bio, the "Doting grandmother, among other things" started an account on Wednesday.

Within two hours of posting her first photo (#nofilter?), the presidential candidate had gained 14.2K followers.

If only it were that easy to get votes.

For her first gram, Hillary shared a pic of a rack of pantsuits in red, white and blue with the caption "Hard Choices", also the title of her 2014 memoir. So punny, Hillary.

Hillary also joined LinkedIn a few weeks ago, explaining that she was "looking for a new job."

From pantsuit t-shirts to the trending #Hillary2016, it looks like this former Secretary of State is voting for social media to best connect her with Americans.

We're eager to see Hillary's next Insta pic, and we're hoping its a chicken burrito bowl from Chipotle, filtered in Valencia.



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