For a futuristic meditation experience, consider your own personal pod.

Somadome, a high-tech wellness pod that guides individuals through 20-minute meditations, debuted earlier this month at Pure Yoga’s Upper West Side studio — home to several group classes in meditation already.

The eight different sessions, which are preloaded on a tablet in the pod and listened to with noise-canceling headphones, focus on the topics “succeed,” “recharge,” “overcome,” “focus” and relax,” as well as verbal meditations in “love,” “heal” and “manifest.” They are set to a soundtrack of beats designed to increase cognition and improve memory.

The pod itself features LED color therapy that’s meant to give the illusion of infinite space, and it is lined with microcrystalline tiles that block electromagnetic fields from electronic devices.

The experience is available to Pure Yoga members for $30 and non-members for $35 at 204 W. 77th St. For more info, visit