New York is the 2nd-most stressed out city

New York is the second-most stressed out city in the United States, according to a list released by real estate blog Movoto.

Out of seven categories used to determine city stress levels, New York ranked No. 1 in three of them: commute time, percentage of income devoted to rent and population density.

New York’s 8 million residents have a 44-minute commute time, on average, and are crammed in with 27,092 people per square mile, according to Movoto. Residents here spend an average of 38% of their annual income on rent.

The other categories are high cost of living, unemployment, crime per 100,000 residents and hours worked.

Movoto got its data from the census and the FBI.


Here’s the list of stressed-out cities:

1)      Washington, D.C.
2)      New York, New York
3)      Miami, Florida
4)      San Francisco, California
5)      Jersey City, New Jersey
6)      Oakland, California
7)      Chicago, Illinois
8)      Newark, New Jersey
9)      Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
10)   Los Angeles, California