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NYC subways: Thoughts everyone has while riding the train

With little in the way of entertainment, the subway is the perfect place to reflect on your own thoughts.

Whether you're screaming to yourself about how rude the person next to you is being or musing over meeting your future husband or wife on a crowded platform, we've all been there.

Read on for thoughts everyone has while riding the subway.

Dreaded eye contact

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"Oh no, I made eye contact with the creepy guy. That subway ad I've seen 500 times looks really fascinating."

I guess I'm going to walk

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"Of course the only time I hear an announcement that isn't garbled is when it's to tell me that the train is bypassing my stop. I guess I'll just walk the extra 10 blocks back toward my office."


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"Of course he's not going to take his backpack off. Why would he bother to make room for the countless others trying to squeeze onto this rush hour train?"

The smells

Sniff sniff.
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Sniff sniff. "Am I the one who smells?" (Surreptitiously smells armpit while scratching nose)

Door hovering is great – not

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"Oh you're just going stand in front of the door. Move? Move! I need to get off the train."

Curiosity in confined spaces

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"I wonder what that lady is reading; she seems really into it. I need a new book to read." (Leans over to spy at woman's Kindle)

I’m going to be late

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"We haven't moved in 5 minutes; I'm going to be late." (Waits an eternity and looks at phone again) "Yup, it's been 7 minutes; I'm definitely going to be late."

Hello Wi-Fi

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"Did my phone just vibrate? It did vibrate! I have a text message -- on the subway. Wait, is that guy talking on the phone? Oh there's Wi-Fi at this station." (Texts boss that you'll to be late for work.)

Push me one more time

Photo Credit: Anthony Lanzilote

"If this woman doesn't stop digging her elbow in my back, I am going to end up on the evening news."

Everything is sticky

(Grabs handrail and cringes)
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(Grabs handrail and cringes) "Why is it sticky? No, I don't want to know. Maybe I'll just take my chances balancing my weight."

I should buy a bike

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"I could probably bike to work faster -- and lose 5 pounds in the process. Ugh, but I sweat too much."

Sick passenger

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Spencer Platt

"This so-called sick passenger better be on the way to the hospital if I'm going to miss my meeting over this."

Manspreaders are the worst

Photo Credit: Melissa Kravitz

"I wonder what he would do if I just sat on his knee."

I spy a cute guy (or girl)

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"Oh, he's cute." (Imagines our wedding and future children) "Oh my god, he noticed me staring." (dies of embarrassment) "I can totally get off at the next stop and walk 20 blocks."

Gross seats

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"What is that? Is that chocolate? Please let it be chocolate. I'm just going to stand."

Buskers: Making train rides awkward since forever

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"If I stare hard enough at this ad for plastic surgery, maybe they won't ask me for a tip today."


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