Free beer in Times Square tonight

Free beer is the best beer. Photo Credit: ISTOCK

The best kind of beer: free beer.

Free beer is the best beer.
Free beer is the best beer. Photo Credit: Brooklyn Grange at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, © Anastasia Cole Plakias, brooklyngrangefarm.com

If your Oktoberfest celebrations are getting pricey, Virgil’s Real Barbecue (142 W. 44th St.) is here to help. 

Tuesday, September 23rd and Thursday, October 9th from 5 p.m.-7 p.m. will bring seven breweries to the Times Square BBQ joint for free beer tastings.

On September 23rd, taste beers from four featured breweries: Red Hook, Seattle Kona, Hawaii O-mission and Oregon. On October 9th, you’ll be able to give three other brews a try: Goose Island Oktoberfest, Good Island IPA and Goose Island Honker’s will all be up for grabs.  

What’s the catch? We’re guessing Virgil’s probably wants you to taste a little bit too much and order happy hour bites like their fried pickle basket or mac and cheese balls with bacon dipping sauce… But at least the beer is free!

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