Ice cream is gorgeous, that's a fact.

Artist Spencer Finch sat on top of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and painted sunsets, which have now inspired ice cream that will be served out of a solar and battery powered truck in Central Park.

And it's free.

The flavors are just as esoteric as you might imagine, described by a publicist in colors rather than tastes.

"The flavor is light and airy, reflecting the subtle pinks and oranges that made-up the composition of the sunset painting. And it provides visitors a way to experience a sunset in Central Park like never before: Through their taste buds!"

(Further prodding found that the flavor is close to strawberry and the ingredients to make it are all "fresh.")

The ice cream giveaway is part of the show "Drifting in Daylight," presented by Creative Time and the Central Park Conservatory.

The solar truck was outfitted by NRG Energy.

Open Fridays and Saturdays from noon to 6 p.m. (first come, first served) through June 20, just North of the Conservatory Garden, E. 106th St. and Fifth Ave.