St. Patrick’s Day tales from Irish pubs around NYC

“The same band has been playing for us for 25 years, and it’s Larry Siegal, my favorite Jewish banjo player, who does all the Irish music. On that day, he’s Larry O’Siegal,” Walsh says, joking. “People look at him and go, ‘Oh man, that guy really knows all the Irish songs. Where’s he from? And I go, ‘County Tel Aviv.'”

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Photo Credit: Ivan Pereira

Any New Yorker headed to a pub on St. Patrick’s Day expects some rowdy behavior from the Guinness-imbibing, green-clad masses gathered there.

So when we reached out to traditional Irish bars around the city, asking longtime owners and managers about the craziest things that have happened at their establishments on March 17 through the years, we were expecting stories of mischief and debauchery.

Instead, we were regaled with tales of literary breakfast parties, burly firemen playing bagpipes on bar counters and a Vietnam vet with dance moves and old-school style.

May they give you the same warm, glowing feeling as a few pints of beer and the lilt of Irish laughter:

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