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McDonald's mac and cheese is now on the menu

Does McDonald's mac and cheese please? New Yorkers

Does McDonald's mac and cheese please? New Yorkers may never know. Photo Credit: McDonald's

We knew those golden arches were macaroni noodles the whole time... 

Mac and cheese has debuted in 18 restaurants in the northeast Ohio area, Phil Saken, the communications manager for McDonald's Ohio region, told us.

He's not allowed to speculate on whether the McMac will come to NYC, as "it’s premature to draw any conclusions from this test," but the mac and cheese may be a crucial part of McDonald's rebranding strategy.

There are plenty of coffee shops in NYC, eliminating a dire need for McCafés, but grab and go mac and cheese? There's a market for that... 

In Ohio, the mac and cheese sells for $1.75 a la carte and $3 in a Happy Meal. It’s made with "real cheese," that is "a blend of cheeses used for this ooey gooey goodness," according to McDonald's. It's unclear if PSL Gouda is included... 

Each 4 oz. serving has fewer than 200 calories, 5 grams of protein and 5 grams of whole grains. Pair it with an order of fries, and you have yourself an all-American meal. 

The portion isn't huge, but maybe that's all you need. Unless you go for the McMac McDouble, which has to be a thing. This is McDonald's, after all. 


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