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NYC ice cream: The best shops from Morgenstern’s to Ample Hills

Creativity rules at Ice & Vice. There are plenty of unique flavors to check out, such as the 9AM (Vietnamese coffee and doughnut truffles), Opium Den (white sesame, toasted poppy seeds and lemon bread croutons), and the ice cream pie (malted vanilla ice cream and fruity pebbles marshmallow pie crust in an ice cream cone). Seasonal flavors are just as unique, with Flaming (ghost pepper and strawberry mole sauce), Cheesy (peach, yogurt, and cheddar crisp), and Pokey (prickly pear and candied cactus meringue). (221 E. Broadway, Lower East Side; 43rd and Broadway, Times Square; and 27-20 Jackson Ave, Queens, iceandvice.com) Photo Credit: Linda Rosier

Butter pecan, rocky road and peanut butter marshmallow crunch are a few of our favorite things.

Whether you’re a die-hard vanilla fan or always on the hunt for a new flavor, these ice cream cream parlors won’t leave you disappointed.

Scroll through our picks for some of the best city spots to grab a scoop.

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