Trapped in a long line to cast your ballot, surrounded by voters who are grumbling and stomachs that are growling?

Pizza to the Polls has the piping hot solution.

The grass roots initiative is responding to social media complaints of long waits to vote in New York City and elsewhere by sending free pizzas to polling places -- all paid for by donations from your fellow democracy-loving, pizza-eating Americans.

"Americans are hungry for democracy and are turning out in record numbers to vote. But that means long lines and sometimes empty stomachs, which might discourage these brave patriots from performing their civic duty," the group's website reads. "Fortunately Pizza to the Polls is here to deliver the one thing that pairs so perfectly with freedom: piping hot 'za. Send us reports of long lines and we'll send in the delicious reinforcements."

The group has already dispatched pizza to at least one New York City polling place, according to its Twitter feed -- 20 pizzas are on their way to PS 181 in the East Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn. 

If you've already cast your ballot, you can do your part to sate hungry voters by donating a pizza (or two, or three) via the group's website.

As of 1 p.m., the nationwide effort had raised $19,694 and delivered 376 pizzas from local shops around the country through the Slice app, which focuses on delivering pizzas from neighborhood joints.