National Pretzel Day’s twisted delights in NYC

Salted, sweet and sometimes spicy, the soft-baked pretzel is undeniably a staple snack in New York City.

New Yorkers have been enjoying the doughy treat long before food carts made them ubiquitous.

“No one knows how and when they got to Gotham originally, but almost certainly they came in the early 1700s by way of Pennsylvania,” said David Rosengarten, author of “It’s All American Food: The Best Recipes for More than 400 New American Classics.” “Nevertheless, the pretzel holds significance to New Yorkers. For some reason, pretzels are a source of pride.”

Whether during a ball game, from a street cart or at a sit-down restaurant, our (soft) spot for the snack will not subside. To satisfy a craving for the twisted carb, check out these spots for savory, sugary and specially-made pretzel plates in celebration of National Pretzel Day this Saturday.

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