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'Tacopedia,' 'The Taco Cleanse,' and 'Tacos' hit bookshelves

Let's taco about this.

Tacos are the protagonists of Fall 2015's new food books.

From creative taco recipes to the history of the taco in all its glory, there's a ton to learn and taste about the taco this season.

Check out hundreds of pages of taco writing to add to your autumnal readings list-- look inside the books with us.

"Tacopedia" by Deborah Holtz and Juan Carlos Mena

Did you know that the taco was invented
Photo Credit: Phaidon

Did you know that the taco was invented between 1000 and 500 B.C. as a kind of edible spoon? That's a true fact. It's amazing that we made it to 2015 without a comprehensive encyclopedia of tacos!

"Tacopedia is a book that some people will read from beginning to end and some will cook from, while others will enjoy having it around to pick up now and then," the editors at Phaidon said. "We expect it also to reach people who love to read about food, enjoy cooking at home and/or eating out, and are interested in food culture."

Tacopedia includes more than 100 recipes (super salsas!) along with photography, art and cool graphics to enhance your taco knowledge. Each page is totally different, with The Tacography map on pages 268-269 being a highlight.

Find it: $29.95 at

"Tacos: Recipes and Provocations" by Alex Stupak with Jordana Rothman

Chef Alex Stupak, known for slinging out gourmet
Photo Credit: Clarkson Potter

Chef Alex Stupak, known for slinging out gourmet tacos at his Empellón restaurants, is sharing his Mexican cooking secrets in his new cookbook.

Stupak thinks the fun of making tacos at home, starts with making the tortilla, which he described to amNY as "fun and exciting." For a less stressful home cooking experience, he suggests preparing as much as possible in advance.

"I would start with recipes that allow you to make your fillings and salsas in advance, which most do," he said. "This way, you can focus on your tortilla game at the last moment."

Stupak warns home cooks to get used to "high heat cooking," as a cast iron skillet or griddle needs to be smoking hot to expertly execute many of his recipes, though he doesn't believe sticking to a recipe is essential. "Over time you need to apply your own impressions upon it. Then it becomes yours," he said.

On the popularity of tacos right now, Stupak believes that they've always been a popular dish. "Tacos are about a moment of craving," he said. "They are quick to assemble and quick to eat. I think they are also more versatile than many other foods. Think of all the places and situations you could enjoy a taco in." Oh, we will.

Find it: $32.50,

"The Taco Cleanse" by Jessica Morris, Molly R. Frisinger, Stephanie Bogdanich and Wes Allison

Photo Credit: Workman

"The Tortilla-Based Diet Proven to Change Your Life" offers 224 pages of taco advice for those who are ready for a salsa-heavy lifestyle.

"Science has shown that tacos are nature's perfect food," the authors told amNY via email. "They are happiness folded inside a tortilla. Portable, delicious, inexpensive, and ideal for every meal. It's a wonder humans bother to eat anything else."

And if you don't want to eat anything else, this "cleanse" is for you. All four authors indeed ate tacos at every meal for an entire month and describe the experience as "magical" and "an improvement in every aspect of our lives." Of course, it's all relative to your love for tacos.

To start the cleanse, try the corn tortilla recipe or head to a Mexican market for the best ingredients. Hot sauce, like Cholula, will help your taco cleanse go down easily. "The Taco Cleanse" includes a Taco Bell cheat sheet in the book for cheat days.

Find it: $17.95, out December 1 from Workman Publishing


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