It’s a great time to be Bill Murray.

The Cubs are in the World Series and he’s been honored with the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.

Speaking of the universal adoration for Murray, 65, at Sunday’s award ceremony, Jimmy Kimmel said, “Bill Murray could shove you off the side of the Hoover Dam and you’d be like, ‘Hey, Bill Murray,’ all the way down.”

And we can't disagree. Here are five (of many) reasons Murray is a national treasure

1. He turned a cameo role in “Caddyshack” into one of the best improvised characters on film.

2. The man needs no agent: Wanna pitch him a flick? Better look up Bill’s 800 number. Word is it’s the main way he operates.

3. He might serve you your next drink: With a penchant for bartending, the actor recently got behind the bar at son Homer’s Brooklyn restaurant 21 Greenpoint.

4. Murray’s triple-strike scene in “Kingpin” was no cinema trick: he’s a bowling pro, natch.

5. He’s got some of the coolest admirers in the biz — from David Letterman to Emma Stone.