Celebrities protest against Trump executive orders, policies

Celebrities weren’t being shy about their political opinions. Numerous A-listers took to the streets to protest against President Donald Trump and his executive orders and policies.

Actors, actresses, singers, comedians and more attended women’s marches across the nation (and beyond) just one day after Trump’s inauguration, and again one year later on Jan. 20, 2018. One week into his presidency, celebrities rallied at Kennedy, Los Angeles International and other airports to protest refugee and immigration travel restrictions — and it doesn’t end there. New Yorkers have been gathering to show support for various groups nearly every weekend.

The latest: The March for Our Lives rallies against school gun violence that took place across the country on March 24, 2018.

See photos of Lady Gaga, Amy Schumer, Lena Dunham and others protesting against the president’s policies.