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Most Brooklyn thing ever: Michelle Williams, Jonathan Safran Foer dating

Michelle Williams and Jonathan Safran Foer are dating,

Michelle Williams and Jonathan Safran Foer are dating, according to a report. Photo Credit: Getty Images /AFP/Jacques Demarthon; Getty Images/Fernando Leon

Michelle Williams has impeccable taste. Starting with the father of her child and "Brokeback Mountain" co-star the late Heath Ledger and leading up to today's news of her new bae, we are in awe of those the actress snags (and with relative ease, we're sure!)

Us Weekly reports exclusively that Williams is now dating the novelist Jonathan Safran Foer ("Everything is Illuminated," "Eating Animals") in what may be considered the most Brooklyn couple of all time. 

Now that M.W. has the best house in Ditmas Park (breathlessly called the "crown jewel" of that Central Brooklyn Victorian neighborhood by bloggers and real estate elites) and the most BK of all BK-indie authors linked with her, what else is there, we wonder.

According to an insider quoted in Us, the pairing makes sense because Williams loves books.

"She reads almost everyday!"

So, so Brooklyn.

Michelle also used to date Jason Segal, who is playing Safran Foer contemporary (and also deceased) writer David Foster Wallace in the upcoming "The End of the Tour."

Safran Foer has two children with novelist and former wife Nicole Krauss and Williams has one daughter with the late Ledger.

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