Reigning Sound

Singer Greg Cartwright is best known for his work with garage-punk band Oblivions. With Reigning Sound, he delves into soul-influenced roots rock, complete with strings and organ.

Lee Bains III and the Glory FiresBains and his band offer a different take on roots music, playing loud Southern rock with lyrics that look at his home state of Alabama with both love and anger. Fans of the Drive-By Truckers should take note.

Potty Mouth

This all-female punk trio from Massachusetts took its name from an album by riot grrrl legends Bratmobile. Their lo-fi, hook-filled songs could sit comfortably alongside Liz Phair and Sleater-Kinney on the alt-rock radio of the '90s.

Purling Hiss

If the guitar is considered out of favor today, nobody told Purling Hiss leader Mike Polizze. Like Neil Young or disciples Dinosaur Jr. and Pavement, Purling Hiss loves guitar noise, but can also put together a well-crafted folk or pop melody.

The Wytches

England's The Wytches have a gloomy take on surf and garage rock, heavily influenced by both '60s psychedelia and the alternative rock of the Pixies.


This high-minded Philly band crafts relentlessly gorgeous pop in the style of a '60s-loving iteration of Pains Of Being Pure At Heart.

Low Fat Getting High

Raw, fast and loud enough to make Iggy proud, the Brooklyn noise punks of LFGH inject fresh fire into the grunge of days past.

Modern Vices

Suffused with a loose, rumbling swagger and sweet romanticism, the recent debut of this Chicago garage group is a messy triumph. (HB/CD)