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David Gray says his latest album, 'Mutineers,' is 'straight from the heart'

David Gray is playing at The Theater at

David Gray is playing at The Theater at MSG on Monday at 8 p.m. Photo Credit: Getty Images

When asked to describe the energy behind his latest studio album, the sense of excitement from the singer-songwriter David Gray is palpable.

"I opened myself up entirely," Gray eagerly shares. "All of me. I didn't hide at all. It's straight from the heart."

amNewYork had a chance to chat with Gray about the aforementioned record, "Mutineers," his collaboration with producer Andy Barlow (of the electronica band Lamb) and what it means to take the stage at the "World's Most Famous Arena."


Talk to us about "Mutineers." This being your 10th studio album, it has a completely different vibe than your previous outings.

["Mutineers"] is a rejuvenation ... a regeneration really. It was quite a profound experience. I sort of had to break myself open, break myself into pieces really and make somebody new. I had to go through something. I needed change. I needed something new. I knew all of the things I didn't want. I didn't want to do the same thing again. There was a lot more involved this time.


You collaborated with producer Andy Barlow for this record. What was his influence on the recording of the album?

As I mentioned, I didn't want to make the same record again. I had to find a new way and I needed someone to help me -- a producer that would help me change. I wanted something to drive me. Light me up. I managed to get there with Andy Barlow's help. He turned the whole thing into a record that really hangs together.


Did he take you out of your comfort zone a bit?

That's exactly what he did. He's not a bully, but he's got a kind of stubborn streak. He's brave. He stood up to me. Which isn't an easy thing to do. (laughs)

What's it like performing at Madison Square Garden? Is there a different sort of energy when taking the stage there?

It's a wonderful atmosphere and there's so much history in that arena. Just the name carries so much weight. You're connecting your name to that name. You're a link in a long line. There's a whole kind of energy. It's New York.



If you go: David Gray at is at The Theater at MSG Monday at 8 p.m., 4 Penn Plaza, 212-465-6073, $40-$85


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