Back to school or not, fall is the time to leap into a good read!

Check out these new books by New York authors, books that take place in NYC, and just some really good stories that New Yorkers can appreciate.

'Everybody Rise' by Stephanie Clifford

Fame, fortune and more fortune are at the
Fame, fortune and more fortune are at the center of Evelyn Beegan's life in New York City. After leaving Maryland to attend Sheffield, an elite East Coast prep school, and Davidson College, Beegan moves to the Upper East Side where, at 26 years old, she becomes a recruiter for a new site People Like Us. In 2006, the pre-iPhone era, this social media site aimed at NYC's top tier lures in debutantes and old money, and Beegan's life slowly spins out of control as she aims to become a part of this glitzy, closed-off society. Inspired by Edith Wharton's "House of Mirth" this quintessential New York read is perfect for those warm autumn days you could almost be at the beach. Out: Aug 18. (Credit: St. Martin's Press)

'Tales from the Back Row' by Amy Odell

This "outsider's view from inside the fashion industry" by current editor Amy Odell tells that story of a young fashion blogger navigating her way through celebrity parties, red carpets, fashion week and, of course, Anna Wintour's office. Funny, insightful and relatable to pretty much any one who works in media, roll your eyes as Odell deals with publicists, deciphers between print and web journalists and share insider's secrets to sample sales. Out: Sept 1. (Credit: Simon & Schuster )

'High Holiday Porn' by Eytan Bayme

Described as a
Described as a "cross between Chelsea Handler and 'The Adventures of Tom Sawyer'" this memoir honestly recounts an Orthodox Jewish boy's coming-of-age in the Bronx. Important topics include non-kosher pizza and getting a girl's phone number for the first time. Sneak this hardcover (without the jacket!) into High Holy Day services for a covert laugh. Out Aug. 25. (Credit: St. Martin's Press)



'Purity: A Novel' by Jonathan Franzen

At almost 600 pages, this new novel from
At almost 600 pages, this new novel from the author of "Freedom" and "The Corrections" has had the literary crowd excited for months. The novel follows a young college graduate, Pip, almost autobiographically, as she adjusts to adult life in Oakland, the Brooklyn of California. We expect the book to be quite popular in real Brooklyn, too. Out: Sept. 1. (Credit: Farrar, Straus and Giroux)

'A Window Opens' by Elisabeth Egan

This debut novel by
This debut novel by "Glamour" books editor Elisabeth Egan is a socially-charged comedy about Alice Pearse, working mother of three, trying to do it all in the city that quite literally never sleeps. Alice takes on the "lean in" mentality, becoming a prominent editor at a start-up while still trying to maintain a personal life, healthy marriage and maintain loyalty to her family. Out: Aug 25. (Credit: Simon & Schuster)

'Into the Dangerous World' by Julie Chibbaro

This young adult novel, appropriate for older adults
This young adult novel, appropriate for older adults as well, illustrates through prose and graphics the story of Ror, a teenager living in a Manhattan homeless shelter with her mom and sister. Joining a graffiti crew and exploring the city's museums pull at Ror's contrasting and corresponding artistic interests, making her question her future in the endlessly creative landscape that is New York. Out: Aug. 18. (Credit: Penguin )

'The Appearance of Annie Van Sinderen' by Katherine Howe

This haunted love story set in present-day New
This haunted love story set in present-day New York takes readers all the way back to 1825, to an NYC of myth, magic and even more mystery. Historical, supernatural and modern New York all collide in this well-researched and highly intriguing novel. Out: Sept 15. (Credit: Penguin)

'The Sartorialist X' by Scott Schuman

If immersing yourself in a good book means
If immersing yourself in a good book means looking at a lot of pretty pictures, you're in for a treat with street style photographer Scott Schuman aka The Sartorialist's third book of pics since he started his popular blog in 2005. Ogle style from the streets of New York and cities around the world. Out: Oct. 27, 2015. (Credit: Penguin )



'Why Not Me' by Mindy Kaling

Following her first New York Times bestseller,
Following her first New York Times bestseller, "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?," which covers important territory like baby-sitting in Brooklyn and writing comedic skits, comes actor and writer Mindy Kaling's second memoir. "Why Not Me" will explore relevant topics including workplace romance, adult friendships and loneliness in the big city. Out: Sept. 15. (Credit: Crown Archetype)

'M Train' by Patti Smith

Following the success of her memoir
Following the success of her memoir "Just Kids" which won The National Book Award, musician Patti Smith brings readers back to New York of decades past, through the cafes and art spaces that inspired her work. Memories, Polaroid photos and enjoyable readable prose bring to life Smith's vivid career. Out: Oct. 6. (Credit: Knopf)

'City on Fire' by Garth Risk Hallberg

Travel back to the New York City of
Travel back to the New York City of 1976, where heirs to a great fortune, their lovers and suburban teenagers collide in a swirl of drama and mystery. A shooting in Central Park on New Year's Eve and the Blackout of '77 makes this high-stakes NYC story a true page turner. Out: Oct 13. (Credit: Knopf)

'Humans of New York: Stories' by Brandon Stanton

Delve deeper into the viral portrait series of
Delve deeper into the viral portrait series of New Yorkers from every background and walk of life in photographer Brandon Stanton's newest book. Check out unseen photographs, interviews and revisit some of the heartwarming, heartbreaking, inspiring, tear-inducing and truly adorable moments Stanton captures on the streets of New York. Out: Oct. 15. (Credit: St. Martin's Press )