Late-night TV hosts have a lot of ideas on how President Donald Trump can spend any downtime in the Oval Office, from binging on “Schoolhouse Rock" and catching up on the latest “Sesame Street,” to writing a new series of books.

Jimmy Fallon dropped a few parody title suggestions on Monday’s “Tonight Show,” in case Trump does, in fact, decide to pen a few novels inspired by his time in the White House. More specifically, Fallon planted the seed that the president’s withdrawn health care bill could serve as the perfect muse.

“President Trump didn’t take any responsibility for the health care bill being pulled, but he did announce that he’s working on some new books based on his experiences,” Fallon said.

“How to Lose Friends & Influence No One,” “The Giving Up Tree” and “To Kill a Healthcare Bill,” were among the host’s title suggestions.

One can’t forget Trump’s potential grown-up version of a Dr. Seuss favorite, “Oh, the Places You’ll Golf,” a nod to reports that he’s been spotted at golf courses 13 times since taking office.

While these titles probably won’t hit shelves anytime soon (at least not with Trump’s byline), the president is a published author, with more than eight titles ranging from memoirs to finance and politics.