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'Kill the Messenger' a must-see, gripping thriller

From Dix Hills director Michael Cuesta comes the

From Dix Hills director Michael Cuesta comes the story of Gary Webb (Jeremy Renner), the intrepid but deeply flawed journalist who connected the CIA to crack cocaine and paid dearly for it. Gripping and smart, if a little one-sided, and Renner's best work since "The Hurt Locker." (Rated R) Photo Credit: Chuck Zlotnick

The tale of journalist Gary Webb is a fascinating, twisting story of government cover-ups, hard-nosed reporting and one man's drive to reveal the truth to the world.

Set in the mid-1990s, the film is based on the true life of the bulldog reporter, who uncovers the scoop of a lifetime: the CIA was selling cocaine in the ghetto to help fund the Nicaraguan rebel army. (Totally true, by the way.) As you might imagine, the organization was none too pleased with the public knowing about this, and did what secretive government agencies do when they don't want people to know things.

Jeremy Renner takes a break from his numerous action hero roles (see: "The Avengers," "Mission: Impossible," "Bourne Identity") to embody this investigative reporter, a layered, troubled figure. He's got his demons, and he's a bit of a braggadocio. It's a powerful role for Renner, and a powerful film.

Webb's story is a natural fit for a cinematic thriller, and "Kill the Messenger" takes this solitary profession and builds it into a drama well worth your attention.

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