EXCLUSIVE | P1Harmony talks taking a bite out of the Big Apple while feeling the vibes of Washington Square Park

P1Harmony in Washington Square Park.
P1Harmony in Washington Square Park.
Photo by Amanda Moses

Mere days after P1Harmony dominated the Governor’s Ball stage in Queens, the South Korean group sat down with amNewYork Metro in Washington Square Park to discuss how their bite out of the Big Apple tasted. 

It was the perfect sunny Monday afternoon as K-Pop extraordinaries, KEEHO, THEO, JIUNG, INTAK, SOUL, and JONGSEOB strolled beneath Washington Square Park’s Arch donning matching beige and burgundy suede suits. While the group’s leader KEEHO feared that they might standout a little too much, New Yorkers casually shrugged it off as they went about their day used to the eccentricities that makes the Big Apple so vibrant. It was not the first time JIUNG visited Washington Square Park, who added that he rode the subway to see what life was like for New Yorkers. 

As amNewYork Metro inquired if they’ve experienced any unique New York City moments, a man wearing a brightly colored medieval robe and hat jumped onto the park’s benches and began shouting about music and R&B as if he were preaching to a choir. The bandmates laughed and smiled in awe of how much character New York City has. 

“You’ve got vibes,” KEEHO said smiling. “I just saw a guy walk pass with two bunnies and I almost had to say it [out loud that it] was so cute. We love it. We love New York.” 

P1HarmonyPhoto by Amanda Moses

Each of the members gushed about the places they’ve seen, such as Chelsea Market and visiting Times Square’s Broadway to see the Cursed Child. The week they spent in New York City was ripe with experiences, good food, amazing tourist attractions many had only seen in movies, and a diverse world of music on every street corner.

JONGSEOB has become a big Harry Potter fan after watching all of the films, so his next stop in New York City before leaving for the final leg of their UTOPIA tour was to visit the Harry Potter Store in the Flatiron District. 

While the band has toured the world and released six mini-albums since their debut in 2020, Governor’s Ball was their first music festival they got to both perform in and experience as fans themselves. It was one of the many things about their trip to New York City they would never forget. 

“JONGSEOB, INTAK and I spent the three days [Governor’s ball festival] just watching all the shows,” KEEHO said. “It was a really fun action-packed weekend, and it was our first time really being a part of a festival and enjoying it too. It was a good moment to be able to show our music and our performance but to also be on the audience side as well and appreciate the art and music all in one weekend.” 

While gushing over Post Malone Dominic Fike, Labrinth, SZA, Sabrina Carpenter, 21 Savage, Sexyy Red, Don Toliver, Reneé Rapp, and Chappell Roan, KEEHO felt that the experience was like a pallet cleanser. The members were able to hear a wide range of musical genres, styles, and forms of stage presence that they hopefully could one day collaborate and emulate in their own fashion. 

P1Harmony at Gov BallPhoto by Amanda Moses

“I feel like there is a lot of music where the production really carries the song and with K-Pop it’s so saturated in a sense that the melodies are so over-the-top and the production as well. I feel like looking at Don Toliver’s set and his music, I feel like the production value that came from his music was so different from K-Pop and it would be so cool if we could bring that into K-Pop.”

Next on P1Harmony’s dream performance bucket list would be Coachella according to INTAK. 

“We really got a taste of what a festival is like and it’s so nerve-racking and scary because you don’t know what to expect but the festival is a festival because it’s for people who really love music and are willing to show up and that doesn’t mean the crowd is going to be full of our fans but a mix of a whole of bunch of diverse people,” KEEHO said. 

THEO added that while some may think performing at a festival would be more difficult, especially since the group was in the midst of the North American tour, it was actually refreshing to do something different outdoors. 

Their first festival performance also marked a momentous occasion for JIUNG who made his triumphant return to the group after sustaining a thigh muscle rupture, which prevented him from taking part in majority of the North American P1Ustage H: UTOP1A tour (aside from their final performance on June 16 in Los Angeles at the Kia Forum.) 

“I got injured for a month-and-a-half, so it’s been tough days but when I got back on the Gov Ball stage, I was so thankful to be on stage again. It was such a great festival. A lot of great artists, a lot of beautiful people, good food, nice weather. It was perfect,” JIUNG said. 

While P1Harmony’s North American tour has ended, KEEHO promises that there is more to come for their fans, affectionately known as P1ECES. Their next performance will be in Los Angeles for KCON USA in July. 

“We are so happy to be in America. Every time we come [P1ECES] always welcome us with open arms so we are always beyond so thankful. This is not the end we have so much more instore for you guys. We hope you continue to show us a lot of support and we can’t wait to come back again,” KEEHO said.