Rita Wilson was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, the actress revealed to People.

In an article posted Tuesday, Wilson, 58, told the magazine that she underwent a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery following her diagnosis. "I am recovering and most importantly, expected to make a full recovery," the actress told 'People.'

Wilson had an underlying condition of lobular carcinoma in situ, which she's been monitoring over the years with regular mammograms and breast MRIs, she told People. Doctors discovered the cancer after she sought a second opinion, she said.

Wilson is married to Tom Hanks and they have two sons together.

"I feel blessed to have a loving, supportive husband, family, friends and doctors and that I am the beneficiary of advances in the field of breast cancer and reconstruction," Wilson told People. "I am getting better every day and look forward to renewed health."

Wilson, who is currently on Broadway in Larry David's "Fish in the Dark," has taken leave from the play and is set to return May 5, according to People.