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'Search Party' characters ranked, from Chantal Witherbottom to Dory Sief

It’s hard not to get sucked into the binge-worthy series that is TBS’ “Search Party.”

One could argue that every single character in “Search Party” is truly horrible, yet the storyline remains intriguing. At the center of the inaugural season’s search for Chantal Witherbottom (Clare McNulty) was Dory Sief (Alia Shawkat), who got a little help from her crew, Drew Gardner (John Reynolds), Elliott Goss (John Early) and Portia Davenport (Meredith Hagner).

Below, we’ve attempted to rank the group in order of terribleness, starting with Chantal, the worst of them all.

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After 10 episodes, we felt like we were
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After 10 episodes, we felt like we were in on the search for Chantal. So, when it came to that finale build-up, we were equally as bummed as Dory. Really, Chantal?! You just picked up and left? Chantal's inability to realize the magnitude of her actions is infuriating for anyone who became (a healthy amount) invested in her story. Becoming a millennial cliche, Chantal took the whole idea of deleting your social media pages too, too far, essentially trying to just pick up and leave because things weren't going her way. The worst part of it all just might be how unfazed Chantal must have been by the numerous posters her family tacked up around Brooklyn in search of her. The heartbreak she put her family and friends (and distant, far-too-invested acquaintances) through is unforgivable. Though by the looks of it, her parents found a way to put it all behind them.


Though Dory took nearly every opportunity to find
Photo Credit: TBS / Mark Schafer

Though Dory took nearly every opportunity to find a way to play the victim in situations that hardly involved her, the leading detective wouldn't have been so far up on this list of terribleness if it hadn't been for that season finale. It's one thing for Dory to fabricate stories, stretch the truth and place herself in the middle of potentially dangerous situations to help locate her "friend" Chantal. It's another for her to cheat on her boyfriend with the supposed private investigator, use Chantal's disappearance as a crutch, manipulate her friends and family into helping her and become an accomplice to murder. We could have guessed Dory's instability wouldn't end well, but we didn't expect her to be the one burying a body.


Elliott lands in the middle of the list
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Elliott lands in the middle of the list of terribleness for being an attention-hogging millennial who's more concerned with how he looks than whether or not his water bottle charity is actually helping children in underserved African communities. Oh, and for his ability to make up a story of surviving childhood cancer in an attempt to get back the $20 he lent an old college acquaintance at a vigil for Chantal. Overall, his dynamic with sidekick Portia adds a level of relatability to the series that Dory and Drew alone wouldn't be able to conjure.


Drew gets himself pretty wrapped up in the
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Drew gets himself pretty wrapped up in the drama in season 1, but if it wasn't for Dory, he'd still be at home playing a ukulele in his underwear. Though he ends up helping her bury a body, we can't exactly ignore some of his (somewhat) redeeming qualities: reluctantly checking in on the loud neighbor; "sticking up" to Dory's ex by buying him a milkshake and doing his dry cleaning; hosting someone for dinner who very well may have been a psychopath or murderer simply because it pleased Dory.


Don't get us wrong -- Portia admittedly has
Photo Credit: TBS

Don't get us wrong -- Portia admittedly has her flaws. She's self-absorbed, materialistic and at times vapid. But without her, "Search Party" would have been a whole lot less entertaining. If Portia didn't have the ability to manipulate situations in her favor and break the ice in awkward situations, Dory would have hit a roadblock in her plan come episode 2. If you take a step back and look at the whole picture, Portia is actually a loyal friend, the type of friend who'd drop anything to join in on her BFF's devious plans, no questions asked.


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