Fans of the ’80s, rejoice -- a musical version of “Working Girl,” the 1988 rom-com starring Sigourney Weaver, Harrison Ford and Melanie Griffith, is in the works. 

None other than ’80s icon Cyndi Lauper is behind the music and lyrics of the Broadway production, while “New Girl’s” Kim Rosenstock is writing the book adaption. 

“I’m really excited for so many reasons to start composing the score for ‘Working Girl,’” Lauper, who won a Tony Award for “Kinky Boots,” said in a statement released Wednesday. 

“I love the film, and its story about a woman’s very unconventional road to success in the ’80s is something I know a lot about,” Lauper said. “Women are still fighting for fundamental rights and equal pay!" she added. "It’s also laugh-out-loud funny, which is why Kim Rosenstock is the perfect person to write the book.”

Cast and other production details, including a launch date, are yet to be announced.