New bill would require Department of Health to maintain a list of pediatric emergency rooms for NYC parents

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A new bill will be brought before the City Council that would make a list of pediatric emergency rooms more accessible to New York City parents.

During medical emergencies, communication is key, especially for parents with young children. That’s why Councilman Justin Brannan and Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer are introducing a new bill that would require the city to create a master list of pediatric emergency rooms.

“This bill is a no brainer,” said Councilman Brannan. “More public information is never a bad thing, especially when it helps families make split second decisions in moments of crisis. Making sure young New Yorkers can be connected to emergency rooms with specialized pediatric facilities will save lives, period. I am proud to work with Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer to make sure this straightforward safety measure becomes law.”

Under this bill, the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) would be required to maintain a list of pediatric emergency rooms, as well as their services and locations, and post it on their website. DOHMH will also have to coordinate with hospitals so the list can be handed out to pediatricians and parents of infants born in New York City.

The list would also be required to be available on when parents call 311, and would be distributed to the Department of Education as well as child care programs servicing children from pre-K through grade 8 so the lists can be handed out to parents at least once a year.

The bill will be assigned to a committee before it can go to a vote on the Council.

“What too many parents and caregivers are unlikely to know, until a crisis is upon them, is that not every E.R. has facilities or staff that specialize in treating children and young adults,” said Borough President Brewer. “Treatment and expertise that meets their unique needs can make all the difference.”

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