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Apple Watch: What you need to know

The Apple Watch is coming-- in three styles.

The Apple Watch is coming-- in three styles. Photo Credit: Apple

Apple is breaking onto the wearable tech scene in April with the Apple Watch, and more information will likely be released to the gadget-hungry public March 9.

But since you likely have already sold your soul to Apple and own an iPhone, iPad and/or MacBook and have an old iPod or three lying around somewhere... why would you need an Apple Watch?

We have all the information you need to make that decision for yourself, and will be updating as we find out more from Monday's Apple Watch event.


Want it ASAP? You can pre-order

The Apple Watch will go on sale April 24. Pre-orders start April 10.


There are three styles

Trading in your designer watch for an Apple? The style-conscious can choose one of three looks. The Apple Watch Sport is the most light-weight and colorful, with a tailor-made elastic band (top image, left). The Apple Watch (basic model, top center), is cased in stainless steel, and the Apple Watch Edition (top right) is decked out in 18-karat gold casing and a leather strap-- fancy.

Once you decide on your watch style, you can also customize the watch face and how time is displayed. The options range from minimalist black (sleek and simple) to a Mickey Mouse dial (so old school cool).


It'll cost ya

The Apple Watch will cost from $349 to $10,000-plus, depending on the model and size you choose. The Sport will range from $350 to $399, the standard Apple Watch Collection from $549 to $1,049. The Apple Watch Edition will start at $10,000.


It does more than tell time (duh)

Yes, your Apple Watch will tell you what time it is. But it will also wake you up in the morning, alert you before your next meeting and let you know when it's time to hit the gym or call your mother. Your iPhone calendar, email, schedule, alarms and other updates can be synced to the watch. Who needs a human personal assistant these days? The only thing it won't do is pick up your coffee... or will it?


It will keep you connected... but not TOO connected

Yes, the need to receive notifications, email and social media updates on yet another device shows just how much we fear going off the grid. But while you will be able to update your status and look through your News Feed right from your wrist, you will only receive notifications while the watch is strapped to you, TechCrunch reports. So as your other devices sing a round while you attempt to sleep, this won't add to the noise as long as you remove it from your body.


It can be your personal trainer and financial adviser, too

The Apple Watch will act as an activity tracker, monitoring your movements and exercise, if you want it to, via the Activity app. You can also utilize Apple Pay, allowing you to make secure payments without ever taking out your wallet.


It will make navigating the city less embarrassing

No self-respecting New Yorker wants to be "that guy" holding up pedestrian traffic while desperately looking up directions on a phone or iPad, but everyone gets sidetracked for a moment when resurfacing from a new subway station. The Apple Watch will be outfitted with Apple Maps, so you can get subtle guidance to anywhere you need to go, just by glancing at your wrist.


Battery life will be better than expected

You'll need to allot about two hours to completely charge your Apple Watch, according to TechCrunch. Not a huge price to pay for all-day battery life. In a normal day of use, the battery usually ends up at around 25 percent, the report says. The charger will plug into the back of the watch.


You'll also need an iPhone

If you've been waiting on the watch to take the plunge into the Apple world, we have bad news. Apple watches are powered by iPhones, so you must have an iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6 or 6 Plus to use it. Typical Apple move.


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