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ASPCA rescues Chuck the pit bull in NYC, puts him up for adoption

After being rescued by the ASPCA in New York City, Chuck the pit bull received hip surgery.

This is the story of Chuck, a young, male pit bull whose life has been turned around.

Around Christmas time, he was found tied to a fence at the Asphalt Green recreational campus on York Avenue on the Upper East Side. Two concerned New Yorkers brought him to the ASPCA.

Chuck was unable to walk normally, and could only drag himself by his front legs. According to the ASPCA vets, Chuck had untreated fractures in his back hips. He was examined, and the vets found severe joint disease in both hips. Because his injuries were left untreated, he lost almost all the muscle mass in his back legs. The ASPCA is not sure exactly how he got the injuries in the first place.

It was decided that Chuck was a candidate for femoral head ostectomy surgery. He underwent the surgery soon after he arrived and has recuperated at an astonishing rate, vets say. After months of physical therapy, he is able to walk, run and stand up by himself. His perserverance and personality helped.

“He’s a happy dog whose personality was very friendly, energetic—let’s go, let’s go—all the time, despite his disability,” said J'Mai Gayle, director of surgery at the ASPCA Animal Hospital. “That’s one reason he did so well. He has a love for life, is a little bit stubborn, and is going to keep going no matter what the cost."

Chuck is up for adoption! Check out or visit the adoption center at 424 E. 92nd St.

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