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First Timer: Trying Crunch Live for an at-home workout

Professional dancer Craig Smith leads the class Gospel

Professional dancer Craig Smith leads the class Gospel House Aerobics at Crunch and on Crunch Live. Photo Credit: Handout / Crunch

Sometimes, you just don't want to leave your apartment. And as for working out, well, getting to the gym really can be the hardest part. Enter Crunch Live. For just $9.99 a month, you can work out in your living room (or, let's face it for you cohabitants, your bedroom).

But is it possible to get the same workout at home as you would in a class with an instructor who's making sure not only that you're inspired to keep going ("Looking good, Georgia!", or more accurately, "Get those knees up, Georgia!") but also that you're doing the moves correctly?

It depends.

Some classes, like Rear Attitude, are perfect for an at-home workout. A simple, 30-minute class divided into two sections, Rear Attitude was easy to follow, didn't involve any complicated steps and was made up mostly of light aerobics and calisthenics. When I finished my final leg lift, I felt the way I would had I just wrapped up a class in a studio.

The next class I tried, Gospel House Aerobics, was a little harder. Led by professional dancer Craig Smith, this dance class was fun, but for someone without any formal dance training, the steps didn't come, shall we say, naturally. It was a little frustrating, but my heart rate was up. So while I didn't feel as if I was truly getting the steps, it did feel like a good workout.

I attended the class at Crunch the following week, and having Smith there showing me the steps, and making sure I got them, certainly helped.

But the point of working out is to sweat, burn calories and to try and have fun, not necessarily to learn the hottest new dance moves. In the physical class, surrounded by other people, there was some pressure to get the moves down lest I stick out as the one without moves.

In the comfort of my apartment, on the other hand, that didn't matter. There was no worrying about getting it right.


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