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LumberMatch brings bearded and tattooed singles together

"Tattoos. Beards. Style. Life" is LumberMatch's motto. Alrighty. Photo Credit: LumberMatch

If you kicked off 2015 with the 'Babes of Bushwick' calendar, this dating site may be for you.

LumberMatch, a free dating site for Lumbersexuals launched just a few weeks ago, helping "beard growers and those who love them" unite. LumberMatch unites both opposite-sex and same-sex lumbersexuals or fans of the former, forming an unprecedented community among today's beard enthusiasts.

What is a lumbersexual, exactly?

LumberMatch explains: “Lumbersexual” is a recently coined term used to describe what we have always known as stylish, bearded, tattooed, flannel and boot wearing men who prefer a more rugged, manly look to that of the more well known and affeminate “Metrosexual”. 

While beared Brooklyn men are probably not chopping down wood and carrying lumber on the G train, LumberMatch's site explains that lumbersexuality exists on a scale, "All the way from the bearded lumberjack out in the woods to the urban hipster trying to return to a manlier time."  

LumberMatch currently boasts 1726 active users -- and yes, beard touching is allowed on the first date. With Valentine's only a month away, it may be time to hop on the L [umbersexual] train.


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