The Life of Pablo is for sale on eBay

If you didn’t spend your weekend waiting in line to visit Kanye West’s pop-up shop — bad business move if you wanted to profit — you can still purchase some Life of Pablo swag.

The 83 Wooster St. pop-up, which sold beanies for $35 and jackets for up to $400, shuttered at 8 p.m. Sunday, but those lucky and patient enough to get through the line are ready to profit.

Like other quick to sell out lines, #LillyforEbay and Balmain for H&M for example, Yeezy’s hard-to-get loungewear and statement pieces are now for resale on eBay.

Items include hoodies ($220 without tags) and T-shirts screen-printed with “I feel like Pablo” on them.

Tip for Kanye: Maybe reselling that impossible-to-buy merch will help raise all that cash you need.

Here are a few items for sale Monday morning:

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