New Yorkers really do enjoy ringing up 311 for help with their problems and they say they enjoy the experience, according to a survey by the city.

Representatives from 311 shared the results of its latest customer survey with amNewYork and found that the call center has an 84% satisfaction rating from more than 700 respondents.

By comparison, the call centers for the Social Security Administration had a 68% rating and the private sector had an average 63%.

"The results of the Customer Satisfaction Survey this year are a testament of the dedication of 311 employees to provide exceptional customer service to all New Yorkers," the agency's spokeswoman Shaleem Thompson said in a statement.

Here are some other factoids from the survey:

Those needing to speak to more than one representative in the last year decreased by 2% from 36% last year to 34% this year.

In the 2014 fiscal year, the agency handled 21.3 million calls, 5.2 million visits to the 311 site and 143,000 texts.

Since its inception in 2003, 311 fielded 188 million calls and its website, which launched in 2010, had 10 million visits.