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Survive the heat: the best apps to make the most of the scorching temps

Air conditioners high above the city

Air conditioners high above the city Photo Credit: Flickr / bondidwhat

Whether you're looking to find the closest ice cream truck or how long it'll take you to get the perfect tan, there's an app for that. Here are some handy apps to survive summer:


Ready NYC App:

Heat advisory and Air Quality Alerts notifications to your smartphone, as well as where to find cooling centers. Free on iOS and Android.


EPA SunWise UV Index App:

Provides daily and hourly forecasts of the UV radiation levels, as listed by the National Weather Service. Free on iOS and Android.


TANtastic UV:

Helps plan your time outside by giving you hourly UltraViolet (UV) Index data for today and the week to come. Free for iOS.


Ice cream delivered:

Do you need your ice cream fix but are too hot/lazy to actually go outsides Download the Caviar app and get the sweet treat delivered right to your door from shops like OddFellows and Victory Garden. The download is free, the ice cream is not. For iOS and Android.


Wolfram Sun Exposure Reference

By telling the app your skin type, location and sunscreen SPF, it'll tell you how long to stay out before you burn. Only for iOS, $.99


ThinkEco smartAC:

After connecting their air conditioners to their smartphones, users can control the devices through the app to track usage and adjust settings on their air conditioners from anywhere, as well as turn them on and off. Similar apps available by Samsung for their products, among others. Free for iOS and Android.


Virtual air conditioner:

Though this app won't actually cool you down, it (maybe) replicates the satisfying hum of cool air blowing out of an air conditioner. Placebos are a thing, right, Free for Android.


Air Conditioning:

The Absolute Troubleshoot app tackles air conditioning, with a step-by-step troubleshooting process. Free for Android.


A reminder to drink water:

For iOS: Waterlogged. For Android: Water Your Body

These apps offer reminders and trackers to make sure you're drinking enough water and staying hydrated during those hot summer days. Free for iOS and Android.


OSHA Heat Safety Tool:

This app helps calculate the heat index of a particular worksite (or anywhere), assessing the risk the heat may pose to workers and offering tips on how to avoid heat-based accidents. Free for iOS and Android.



Shameless self-promotion, but for good reason: our app features the latest weather reports tailored for your area, the best spots to cool off in the city, where to grab a frozen cocktail, summer fashion tips and more. Free for iOS and Android.


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