Bears lose tough one to Wadleigh in boro tourney

b'ball 1
A Seward Park player flying in a for a layup during a regular-season game. Photos by robbieleephoto.com

BY RICHARD KUSHNER | Wrapping up their regular season, the Seward Park High School boys varsity basketball team edged out a victory versus LaSalle Academy, 52-51.

Although it was not a high-scoring game, it was still extremely entertaining. In the past, Seward Park might have lost a close game like this one. But this year’s seniors are much more mature now and were able to hold on for the win. D’Andre McLamb hit two foul shots to win it.

Next, the Bears went to Washington Irving High School on Irving Place on Feb. 4 and had one of their better games of the season, winning, 88-73. Everyone played well in that one, especially junior Dean Laboy, the team’s 6-foot-5 center, who found a dunk, his first of the season and his first of his varsity career. Dean has an opportunity to be a real star next season if he works hard in the classroom and on the court.

b'ball 2
Seward Park Coach Wallace Simpson has his “X” ’s and “O” ’s down.


The team then traveled uptown on Feb. 9 to Wadleigh High School for the Manhattan divisional championship.

Seward Park, however, lost a very tough game to Wadleigh, 57-51, and was knocked out of the Manhattan playoffs. The Lower East ballers had cut a 10-point lead down to one with 15 seconds left. But the game ended in some controversy, as the Bears got hit with three technical fouls, the first one coming when Coach Wallace Simpson protested his players were repeatedly getting hacked while shooting.

Citywide championships are up next.