Despite lawsuits, neighborhood complaints and non-stop coverage of the controversial aspects of its development, Brooklyn Bridge Park endures.

Not only does it endure, it continues to thrive. In August, at the two ends of the park, more parkland opens. 

At Pier 6, located at the south end of the park where Atlantic Avenue meets the East River, the Pier 6 Meadow will open. The New York Times says it "evokes a Vermont meadow in midsummer."

On the north end of the park, by the John St. condiminium complex, a plaza with public walkways and bridges will open. Built upon original pilings of the Arbuckle Coffee Warehouse (read all about this in our Secrets of Brooklyn Bridge Park story!), the plaza will feature tidal inlets where you can watch nature at work. (Tides come in, and tides go out, just FYI).

According to The Times, at the north end of the park, the developers decided to preserve the old train tracks in the new design, which is in keeping with the ethos of the whole park. Maintaining history and connections with the past are key elements of the park's design. 

Also opening at the north end of the park, an annex of the Brooklyn Children's Museum (the main branch is in Crown Heights), an Environmental Education Center to be run by the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy, new public bathrooms, a dog run and newly replanted gardens and lawns.