There was a time, not too long ago, when TiVo was synonymous with the future of home entertainment. Netflix was barely a blip, YouTube was still years away, and Apple hadn't yet started its meteoric ascent in the personal media players category. However, TiVo was the hottest name in town for folks who wanted to have more control over how and when they watched TV.

But with the rise of DVRs, on-demand programming via cable boxes, and the ubiquity of Netflix-, YouTube-, and Hulu-supported devices, TiVo's cachet slowly and steadily began to fade. While there remain many devoted fans who still swear by the magic set-top box that learns a user's tastes in programming, simply saying "I've got TiVo" is no longer a guaranteed way to entice friends over for a night around the set. TiVo hopes that will all change with a recent announcement.
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