‘East Village Blue’ are honored


By Albert Amateau

The Ninth Precinct Community Council honored 36 officers at its annual awards event last week at the Cooper Union Foundation Building.

Officer of the Year awards went to Sergio De LaMota and Daniel Silverio, plainclothes cops in the Conditions Unit of the Ninth Precinct, which extends between E. 14th and E. Houston Sts. from Broadway to the East River. The two officers, who have a talent for blending into the street scene, were cited for being the most effective crime-fighting officers in the precinct, making 81 felony arrests, 76 misdemeanor arrests and four violation arrests.

“What a difference these two officers have made,” Chris Widren, a former Community Council member who has been announcing the awards for more than 10 years, said at the Thurs., Oct. 14, event.

Auxiliary Officers Ravi Balgobin, Paul Scott and Edgar Lopez were honored for the long hours they put into their volunteer duties in the past year; and civilian Police Administrative Aide Desiree Angus was cited for her handling of the precinct’s administrative duties over the year.

The precinct’s entire Conditions Unit, including Sergeants Vito Galatioto and Elias Miranda and Officers Edilia Figueredo, Frank Kurys, Douglas Schack, Gregory Fink, Anthony Rafla and Scott Lieneck, received a unit award for making 327 arrests and shutting down several fencing operations over the year.

Sergeant Kevin Hynes, who made more than 300 arrests and took part in 50 operations over the year, also received an award. Sergeant Marisol Leon-Smith and Officer Deryk Blair were honored for executing 20 warrant arrests and closing down seven fencing operations.

Detectives Michael Catlin, William Gonzalez and Evelyn Rosa received awards for arresting more than 80 violent suspects.

Officers Duvan Castro and Jeffrey Adaszewski received awards for their work in a bribery arrest this April. Officers Michael Schemmel and Marilyn Estrada were award winners for a May robbery arrest they made. Officers Steven Kenney and William Svenstrup were honored for a May rape arrest. Closing a burglary case in January earned Officers Michael Perot and Monica McCann an award. Officers Michael O’Brien and Keith Gallagher were honored for their work in a robbery arrest in November 2009. Officers Casey Morgan and Robert Smith were cited for an August 2009 burglary arrest; and Sergeant Dominic Giordano and Officer Timothy Donohue were honored for an arrest in June in a shooting incident. Officers Edward Thompson and John Sivori received an award for their work in a weapons-possession case this March.