Editorial | Vote George Latimer over Jamaal Bowman in the 16th Congressional District primary

George Latimer
Westchester County Executive and Congressional candidate George Latimer
George Latimer for Congress campaign

Bronx and Westchester Democrats have a big decision to make in the primary on June 25: Do they want their next Member of Congress to be someone who believes in ideals, or someone beholden to ideology?

There’s a huge difference between ideals and ideology. Ideals are things for which to strive; ideology is something to impose. Those who believe in ideals act to protect and improve all the people they represent; those who practice ideology work only to protect and improve their cause, even if it harms many.

Clearly, in the 16th Congressional District primary, Westchester County Executive George Latimer is the candidate of ideals, and incumbent Congress Member Jamaal Bowman is the candidate of ideology. 

Because of this, the choice is clear: Democrats would be well served giving Latimer their nomination for the 16th District seat, and working hard the rest of the way to see him elected to Congress in November. 

Throughout his career, Latimer has let his ideals of public service define him, and has always put his constituents first. As county executive, he championed progressive ideals like investing in green energy and fighting the NRA for gun control laws; and moderate ideals such as cutting local taxes and defending women’s reproductive rights.

Latimer stands in stark contrast with Bowman, a two-term Congress member who has let far-left ideology rather than ideals define his two terms on Capitol Hill.

George Latimer stands in stark contrast with Jamaal Bowman, a two-term Congress member who has let far-left ideology rather than ideals define his two terms on Capitol Hill. .Photo by Ethan Stark-Miller

He voted against President Biden’s infrastructure bill because moderate Democrats took the larger “Build Back Better” bill off the table after it was clear it would not pass Congress.

He also wound up voting with MAGA Republicans against a bill to increase the debt ceiling and avoid a national default because he didn’t like that Biden had to negotiate with the Republican House majority.

But Bowman’s anti-Israel stance since the Oct. 7, 2023 terrorist attacks there has proven most disqualifying.

That he could not bring himself to immediately condemn Hamas alone for its bloody, unprovoked assault on Israel — and instead try to “both-sides” the horror while accusing Israel of committing “genocide” — demonstrated a disqualifying ignorance of the horrific situation.

Bowman also embarrassed his district with his fire alarm-pulling stunt last year which interrupted House proceedings. He wound up pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge and being censured on the House floor. The stunt adds to his unfitness for the office which he holds.

Two terms is enough for Bowman. The Bronx and Westchester do not need a Democratic version of Marjorie Taylor Greene representing them on Capitol Hill. 

They need a moderate, well-reasoned Congress member who can advance true Democratic, progressive ideals while also protecting democracy at home and abroad.

George Latimer is that candidate; he deserves your vote in June and in November.