N.Y.U. not listening

To the editor:
Re: “C.B. 2 angered after N.Y.U. goes to the media first” (news article, Oct. 5)

The informative article about Community Board 2’s anger with N.Y.U. contains a statement from university V.P. Alicia Hurley:

“It is hard for us not to notice the lack of civility with which we are treated when we do go before the community board.”

Civility? Civility has nothing whatsoever to do with N.Y.U.’s inviolate intentions to bring to fruition a community-destroying project, involving 2 million square feet of construction, which will effectively bulldoze the available light and air in the area. All the while, the university has been conducting a series of meetings with the community members — a sort of listening tour — at which N.Y.U. listens to no community concerns at all and reports otherwise to the media. Does it come as any surprise that these meetings are frequently headed by the eye-rolling, pseudo-civil Ms. Hurley? Puh-lease!
June Tennyson