A pair of Brooklyn friends pulled over for a broken taillight ended up being arrested on attempted murder charges for a shooting they allegedly committed an hour before, a law enforcement official said Thursday.

According to police, Yasser Julio, 34, shot a 23-year-old man in the leg in Flatbush after getting out of car driven by Bianca Blackford, 26, on Tuesday.

The victim, who did not appear to know Julio, was taken to Kings County Hospital where he remains in stable condition, said the law enforcement official.

Police spotted Blackford and Julio driving south on Albany Avenue with the busted taillight and followed them before pulling them over at the intersection of Brooklyn Avenue and Winthrop Street.

When Blackford leaned over to grab her identification, police said, they allegedly spotted a knife in the glove compartment. Police then allegedly found a loaded .38 Caliber revolver in Julio's front pocket when the couple got out of the car.

Officers then allegedly spotted a plastic bag of crack in the backseat.

Both Blackford and Julio were charged with a slew of offenses, including attempted murder and assault. Blackford was also charged with having broken tailights, police said.