Police Blotter, Week of Dec. 10, 2015

A screen grab from a surveillance video provided by police, showing the alleged attempted-rape suspect inside the E. Sixth St. building on Dec. 28.

Meatpacking shooting
A man was shot in the Meatpacking District on Tuesday morning during a dispute over a car accident, according to police.

The incident happened on Gansevoort St., around 4 a.m., after three men had left a nightclub. The trio tried to pull their BMW out of their parking spot, but a gray van backed into them, trying to park — then backed into them again.

A heated argument ensued and the van’s driver reportedly suddenly pulled out a gun and started firing, shooting a 27-year-old man in the car in the right shoulder and right hip, then got back into the van and drove off.

The victim and his friends drove up to W. 14th and Washington Sts. before calling 911 for help, according to news reports. The wounded man was taken to Bellevue Hospital in stable condition and is expected to survive.

The suspect remains at large.

Physical putdown
A disgruntled former employee, 48, took it to an older man, 66, outside a work function on Thurs., Nov. 19. Police said that the younger man was in front of 421 W. 13th St. when he shoved the senior to the ground at about 10 p.m. The push resulted in scratches and scrapes, though the victim refused medical attention. Four days later, the victim reported the incident to police, adding that the impact caused some bleeding from his elbow.

Police arrested Gregory Mattson on Dec. 3 and charged him with felony assault because he is more than 10 years younger than the older man.

From 1 arrest to 3
Police said they spotted a butterfly knife in public view at the southwest corner of Minetta Lane and Macdougal St. on Sat., Dec. 5, about 3 a.m.

As they were arresting Derek Johnnie, 30, for the knife, two of his friends tried to intervene, according to a police report.

Paulette Soltani, 27, jumped on the back of a police officer as Johnie was being collared. And Bruno Martins, 29, leaped in front of a police car and tried to use his bicycle to block it.

Soltani and Martins were both arrested and charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, with Martins getting an extra charge for obstructing government administration, a misdemeanor.

Not very sporting
A man, 28, allegedly shoved a computer monitor into the face of woman, 35, at the New York Sports Club, at 232 Mercer St., for unknown reasons on Wed., Dec. 2. The attack occurred inside the gym’s lobby around 3 p.m., according to a police report. Damage caught on video footage included a laceration and swelling to the victim’s face and a broken computer monitor.

Police said the victim refused medical attention. Kamara Black — who did not know the victim — was arrested and charged with felony assault.

— Zach Williams and Lincoln Anderson