Just minutes before rapper Joe Budden turned himself in Wednesday for allegedly robbing his ex-girlfriend, he wrote on Twitter that he would be out soon and that all nude photos from women were welcome.

"I'll be out in time for the strip club later," he wrote at 8:50 a.m. Less than a half-hour later Budden, who lives in Edgewater, New Jersey, surrendered himself to officers at the 34th Precinct in Washington Heights, police said.

Last week, Budden, 33, allegedly met his ex-girlfriend on the corner of Nagle Avenue and Dyckman Street at about 4:30 a.m., police said. After getting into a fight inside his car, he allegedly twisted the 25-year-old woman's arm and took her cellphone.

Budden was charged with third-degree robbery and fourth-degree grand larceny, police said.

The woman was not identified. It was not immediately clear what the argument was about.

Before starting a #FreeBud hashtag on Twitter on Tuesday, Budden complained about having to turn himself in.

"This [expletive] has def been a minor setback to my bday orgy," he wrote. "Let this be a lesson to all ? never steal a cellphone that's in your name, Smh ? Justice will be served."

Budden has released several albums both as a solo artist and part of the group Slaughterhouse.

He has also appeared on VH1's "Love and Hip Hop," according to the show's website.

The rapper was awaiting arraignment yesterday and could not be reached for comment.