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Retailers to stop selling real-looking toy guns in New York settlement

An MTA ad circa 2010.

An MTA ad circa 2010. Photo Credit: MTA New York City Transit

New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has settled with 30 online retailers on selling illegal toy guns that appear eerily similar to the real thing through

The deal follows a similar settlement this past summer with several big-box retailers, including Walmart and Kmart. 

As part of Tuesday’s settlement, sellers through Amazon have agreed to pay more than $309,000 and have agreed to stop selling the toys in New York. During an investigation that began in December 2014, Schneiderman said his office found more than 6,400 prohibited toys guns were sold throughout the state.

“When toy guns are mistaken for real guns, there can be tragic consequences,” Schneiderman said in a statement. “New York State law prohibits the sale of imitation weapons that closely resemble real guns. I will continue to enforce this law so that we can avoid putting both children and law- enforcement officials at risk.”

In August, Schneiderman settled with the big-box retailers for about $300,000.

In New York, all toy guns must be marked with orange stripes down the side and have an orange cap. And the standard is even stricter in the city, where they have to made out of white, brightly colored or translucent plastic with a visible company logo or name.

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