Retraction of 9/11 Museum bathroom article

EDITOR’S NOTE: Nov. 22, 2013 Downtown Express is retracting an article that was posted Nov. 20, 2013, “No bathroom for 9/11 Museum,” because the thrust of the article and the headline is not accurate.

The 9/11 Museum, scheduled to open next year, will in fact have bathrooms. An article quote by Joe Daniels, president of the museum and 9/11 Memorial, which seemed to suggest the opposite, was taken out of context.

At a recent City Council hearing Daniels said: “I think people will understand that the 9/11 Museum itself is not going to be the place to go for the facilities, but I’m confident that the surrounding area will have them.”

The “people” Daniels was referring to were those visiting the free public memorial above the museum, which will charge admission. Museum visitors will have full use of the bathrooms.

The article in question was pulled off our web site the same day it was posted. We regret the error.