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Sen. Charles Schumer wants to block sale of instant booze, "Palcohol"

Sen. Charles Schumer announced legislation Sunday to ban "Palcohol," powdered alcohol, which could be available in stores this summer.

"It's not prohibition: This is dangerous for kids," who "could do four or five shots at a time," and "don't know the dangers of alcohol," Schumer said.

Palcohol is a powdered form of alcohol which has beverage applications -- whipping up a cocktail from a powder, say -- and industrial applications in medicine, manufacturing and energy.

Schumer's spokesman said the senator's intention is to ban the consumable product.

Palcohol's powdered formulation not only appeals to adults attracted to its light weight and convenience, but also makes it attractive to kids who might want to smuggle a consciousness-altering substance into schools and concerts, Schumer noted.

"The dangers of this far outweigh your ability to have a couple shots of vodka on a hike," said Schumer, noting that Palcohol makes the consumption of vast amounts of alcohol much easier.

The amount of alcohol in, say, 10 drinks, could be mixed into one glass of fluid.

He is introducing his bill, he said, to head off "the volatile combination of alcohol, kids and cars."

Schumer said he had bipartisan support for his bill, which he plans to introduce soon.

"We have a bid defense bill next week and we're going to try and get it into that," he said.

The senator said he was motivated to act after hearing the concerns of worried parents.


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