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116-year-old Brooklynite is world's oldest person: 6 tips for longevity based on her life

Susannah Mushatt Jones turned 116 years old on

Susannah Mushatt Jones turned 116 years old on July 6, 2015. Photo Credit: YouTube

Maybe all those theories about subway filth helping to build up New Yorkers' immune systems is true... the world's oldest person, Brooklynite Susannah Mushatt Jones turned 116 on July 6.

Time reports that the Gerontology Research Group confirmed Jones' title after Jeralean Talley of Michigan died at age 116. Jones, who was born in Alabama in 1899 and moved to NYC in 1923, had long held the title of oldest person in the city before hitting her latest milestone. She turns 116 on July 6.

If longevity is your goal, you'll want to take notes on Jones' habits. We can't make any promises, but here are some tips based on her lifestyle, as detailed by Time:

Don't be afraid of bacon

Every morning, Jones eats four strips of bacon, eggs and grits.

Go to bed early

Her bedtime is around 7 p.m., and she typically sleeps for 10 hours in addition to naps throughout the day.

Make time for family (and ribs)

Jones often spends Sundays feasting on barbecue with loved ones.

Put down the booze

Jones credits her long life to saying no to smoking and drinking alcohol.

Don't over-medicate

She takes nothing but a multivitamin and a pill for blood pressure each day.

Stay flirty

Jones has been quoted as saying you're never too old for fancy lingerie. We like her style.






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