Three men cuffed for driving stolen vehicle in Brooklyn and running into a pedestrian and wall

Police hold one of three suspects in an alleged car theft and other crimes in Marine Park, Brooklyn. (Photo by Todd Maisel)

Three young men were nabbed Tuesday night after allegedly stealing a brand new BMW, striking a pedestrian and then trying to escape from cops who cornered the vehicle on a Brooklyn street.

Information obtained by amNewYork found that at 6 p.m. on Sept. 8, a BMW was stolen from Kings Highway and East 27th Street. It is unclear as to how the vehicle was stolen, but the vehicle then proceeded onto Kings Highway where they hit an unidentified pedestrian, causing minor injuries,  and then continued on Kings Highway at a high rate of speed.

Police from the 63rd Precinct received from witnesses the plate number of the vehicle and began a search of the area. A woman resident of East 38th Street called police when she saw the BMW parked in front of a hydrant on East 38th Street and gave police the plate number.

Police say the plate came up as stolen, so cops approached the car from two sides with their vehicles in an attempt to box them in. Witnesses say police officers knocked on the window and demanded the occupants get out, but instead, the driver hit the gas, went up on the sidewalk and struck a brick wall, leaving the vehicle disabled.

A wrecked BMW sits on sidewalk, having struck a brick wall in an attempt to flee police in Brooklyn. (Photo by Todd Maisel)
A wrecked BMW sits on sidewalk in Marine Park after an attempt to escape capture. (Photo by Todd Maisel)

Witnesses say one of the young men surrendered while two others ran into the back yard of a private home, one nabbed before he could climb a fence – witnesses say cops tasered the young man when he resisted arrest. The third suspect successfully climbed the fence and disappeared. Police were reporting that the suspect may have been armed with a handgun, police sources said.

A huge manhunt ensued, cops surrounding the back yards of the block from East 38-37th Streets, and Fillmore Avenue to Avenue S. Heavily armed ESU cops and K9 also responded and a massive search began on the ground and by a police helicopter above.

Heavily armed cops join search for possible armed suspect in Marine Park. (Photo by Todd Maisel)

About 40 minutes later into the search, a resident who asked not to give her name, said she became suspicious that someone was in her yard on Fillmore Avenue and alerted cops. When cops entered the yard, they found a man hiding in a darkened basement stairwell behind a pool and placed him under arrest.

Charges on the three were pending as police look to link the three to other crimes. In addition, police were doing a daylight search on Wednesday, looking for a possible weapon reported to be in possession of the suspect.

Police could not provide further information on this case and charges are pending, according to police sources. Updates for this story will be forthcoming.

Suspect is taken into custody after he allegedly stole a car and tried to escape in Marine Park. (Photo by Todd Maisel)

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