There's a relatively affordable apartment for rent in the Bronx this summer you can cozy up in... as long as you don't have any qualms about sharing the bed with your roomie.

A new ad, "Bed Share in the south Bronx," was posted to craigslist Monday, offering the use of a bedroom for only $100 a week for "a straight or bi guy who doesn't have any issues sharing a bed." 

"Nothing sexual," the writer of the ad quickly comforts, but fails to go into specifics about snuggling. 

While we're all taught from an early age that sharing is a good thing, this ad might be taking things a little far. For what it's worth, though, the bed does appear rather spacious in the two photographs posted to the ad, and seems to have no shortage of luscious throw pillows (prime for bedmate pillow fights? When you're ready. Don't rush it).

The ad continues: "If interested please send a pic of yourself and we can take it from there and I'll send you a pic of myself." One can only presume that "we can take it from there" will involve a serious conversation about blanket hogging and whether or not you get popsicle toes.